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Placebo (1996) wpe1.jpg (2122 bytes)
Placebo's debut album, reasonably successful commercially, and launched Placebo as a band to look out for in the future.  Placebo won them critical acclaim and features the hit single "Nancy Boy".  Stand out tracks include "36 Degrees" and "Bruise Pristine".
Without you i'm nothing (1998) wpe2.jpg (2524 bytes)
Huge worldwide success followed with this album.  As a result Placebo became a household name and added to their already large fan base.   This album shows Placebo's darker side.  Includes hit single "Pure morning", and stand out tracks "Brick Shithouse" and "Every you Every Me" (used in the film Cruel Intentions).  
Black market music (2000) wpe3.jpg (2282 bytes)
Black Market Music was not a huge success, although once again it gained a lot of interest from fans.  A huge world tour followed the release of the album, which saw the band playing songs spanning their whole career.  Black Market Music includes the hit singles "Taste in men", "Special K" and "Slave To The Wage".  Stand out tracks include: "Taste in men", "Special K" and "Commercial for Levi"