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Prety Hate Machine (1989)

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This is the first Album in the Nine Inch Nails archive.  Recorded at the studio in which Trent
Reznor worked, "Pretty Hate Machine" did not really take off until 1991.   Stand out tracks
include:  "Head Like A Hole".
Broken (1992)

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Nine Inch Nails first E.P.  Broken paved the way for things to come.  Trent Reznor had combined
his synthesised sound with a wall of guitar noise, which had proved so popular during live
shows.  Stand out tracks include: "Wish" etc.
Fixed (1992)

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Nine Inch Nails's second E.P, "Fixed" was made up of remixes of songs that appeared on the "Broken" E.P. Stand out tracks include:  "Happiness In Slavery" and "Wish".
The Downward Spiral (1995)?

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Further Down The Spiral (1996)

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This album contaned remixes of the songs that appeared on "The Downward Spiral".   Several
different versions of the album were released, and on one album even contained a live version
of "Hurt". Stand out tracks include:  "Hurt", "Piggy" and "Herresy".
The Fragile (2000)

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This long awaited album was well worth the wait.  Still using many synthesised sounds, although
often more tactfully, Trent Reznor decided to release a double album.  The result was "The
Fragile". Stand out tracks include:  "The Wretched", "Into The Void", "La Mer" and "Starfuckers Inc.".
Things Falling Apart (2001)

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The remix album accompanying "The Fragile".  Remixed tracks include "Starfuckers Inc.", "The
Wretched", "Where Is Everybody?" and even a cover of "Metal" by Gary Numan.