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KoRn (1994)

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KoRn's Debut album.  KoRn came crashing onto the scene with what is still regarded among many as their finest album to date.   Angst ridden lyrics provided by Jonathan Davis, and spooky guitar lines provided by Munky and Head helped to establish KoRn's sound.  Stand out tracks include: "Blind", "Faggot" and "Ball Tongue"
Life Is Peachy (1996)

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Korn's second album.  This was a much better produced album than KoRn, and it shows that more time was spent writing the songs.   Even the insanely stupid, "Twist" had a certain attraction to it.   This album will continue to sell and sell.  Stand out tracks include: "Good God", "A.D.I.D.A.S" and "Chi".
Follow The Leader (1998)

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Korns 3rd album.  KoRn spent much more time on this album, and due to this, was much more successful than the previous two.  It was much more Hip Hop orientated and had a much cleaner, crisp sound than anything they had done before. Stand out tracks include: "Freak On A Leash", "Got The Life", and "All In The Family".
Issues (1999)

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Korn's 4th Album.  This was much less hip-hop orientated than "Follow The Leader".  The songs were more like those on "Life Is Peachy" although the crisp, clear sound from "Follow The Leader"  remained.  Stand out tracks include: "Make Me Bad", "Wake Up", "Hey Daddy" and "Let's Get This Party Started".